9 Reasons to Blog

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2 . Position your Business as an Industry Leader (Authority)

The more information your blog has about your industry, the greater your authority as an information point in your industry.

By creating articles based off questions, how-to’s, lists such as Top 10, etc. you will become the hub, or the place to be, for your industry.

Your customers will benefit from what they will learn from your articles.

3. Provides Extra Value to your Clients

Adding that extra information about your products and services is one way to give extra value to your clients. Blogging is one of the best ways to talk more about your business in detail and, in turn, your customers will feel like they know your business better.

Your current clients will return to your site more often.

Asking clients to subscribe to your blog will keep them up-to-date with your latest products and services. This can be a better marketing tactic than using Social Media, because

  • They receive an email that can be read in their own time,
  • People scroll through social media on their phones fast, often overlooking posts, and
  • Social Media platforms are not always delivering every post made by who you are following.

which leads me to: