9 Reasons to Blog

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Add Personality to your Brand

9. Adds Personality to your Brand

Last but not least is how a blog can bring personality to your business and brand.

How many faceless websites have you come across ? Do you really know who you are dealing with ?

The great thing about blogging for business is that it gives the chance for the business to bring in a human aspect to the service or product. By writing creatively, the reader will feel more in touch with the business, rather than just reading product information, or a list of what services you offer.

It also pushes the reader to interact with the articles, as well as making them more likely to share the articles.


Why is blogging important for an online business?

  1. Increases your website’s Search Engine Optimization ranking (SEO)
  2. Position your Business as an Industry Leader (Authority)
  3. Provides Extra Value to your Clients
  4. Collect Emails for Marketing
  5. Creates Customer Loyalty
  6. Creates shareable Content for Social Media
  7. Increases Backlinks to Website
  8. Crush your Competition
  9. Adds Personality to your Brand